lamson cleaners

Cleaner 9002

Heavy duty hot tank cleaner. Designed to be used at different concentrations depending upon the severity of the job. Recommended for use as a cleaning agent in agitated or unagitated hot tanks. Removes mill oils, stamping compounds, coolants and other contaminants from all metals. Rinsing required on non-ferrous materials

Cleaner 9005
Heavy duty liquid cleaner. Formulated for heavy duty cleaning of parts in spray washers. Can be used to remove mill oils, machining oils, coolants and other types of contaminates. Rinsing required on non- ferrous materials.

Cleaner 9010
Biodegradable heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. This product contains a citrus derivative that quickly dissolves stubborn dirt, grease and stains. Releases a pleasant fragrance that leaves the area fresh smelling for hours.

Cleaner 9025
Heavy duty cleaner. A multi-purpose cleaner that can be diluted with water to clean a variety of surfaces depending on the severity of the application. For use on the most stubborn dirt and grease.

Cleaner 9088
A sump cleaner. Formulated to simplify the cleaning of coolant reservoirs by loosening and dispersing bacteria, fungus and yeast buildup prior to dumping. This product contains no biocides or other dangerous ingredients.