Chlorine Based Straight Oils

lamson chlorine based straight oils

These oils were the first types of lubricants used in the stamping industry and are still widely used today. They are reliable and economical. Shown below are just a few of our complete line of chlorine based straight oils.

HeavyDraw 1105
Light duty stamping oil. An economical lubricant recommended for light-to-medium punching, piercing, and blanking. Its unique formulation makes it ideal for drawing thin material (from .010 to .070 inches thick).

HeavyDraw 1110
Economical heavy duty stamping oil. A medium viscosity lubricant for moderate applications with easy removal. Recommended for punching, piercing, and blanking.

HeavyDraw 1125
Heavy duty punching oil. Designed specifically for punching of extremely thick metals. This oil contains special tackiness agents that guarantee firm oil adhesion to the punch.

HeavyDraw 1150
Heaviest duty stamping oil. A chlorinated honey-type compound, excellent on stainless steel and capable of performing the toughest jobs. Can be thinned with mineral spirits.