Synthetic Chlorine Free Oils

lamson synthetic chlorine free oils

Our new chlorine free synthetics contain rust inhibitors, Lubricity agents, biocides and safe EP additives.

Lamsyn 4247
Light duty synthetic lubricant. A light duty economical synthetic drawing and blanking compound, this product can be used on light gauge materials.

Lamsyn 4250
Medium to heavy duty synthetic lubricant. This product will not turn gummy and cleans up with water. In many cases Lamsyn 4250 will replace a straight oil.

Lamsyn 4254
Heaviest of the synthetic lubricants. Recommended for use on stainless steel deep drawing applications. A lubricant that in many cases replaces chlorinated paraffins and still cleans in plain water.

Lamsyn 4279
A synthetic lubricant for soft materials. Formulated specifically for use on galvanized material, aluminum, and copper based products. This product prevents galling and has additives to inhibit copper corrosion and white rust.