Tapping Lubricants

lamson straight oils

Lamson's new family of tapping compound. Versatile enough to give excellent results on high alloy steels yet safe and effective for aluminum. Tapper lubricants can be used for reaming, drilling, milling or turning applications. No chlorinated solvents are used in any products.

Tapper 6705
A versatile product providing excellent results on all types of metals. Recommended for tapping applications to extend tool life and improve hole finish. Tapper 6705 does not contain an emulsifying agent, therefore it is not recommended for use in coolant applications.

Tapper 6714
The same formulation as Tapper 6705, but contains an emulsifying agent for use with existing coolant systems.

Tapper 6715
A heavy duty compound with a high viscosity that allows the material to adhere to the tap. Completely safe to use on all metals.