Chlorine-Based Vanishing Oils

lamson chlorine based vanishing oils

These products are formulated to never turn tacky or gummy, and always stay fluid. They can accommodate light stamping.

Vanish 6905
Quick drying vanishing oil. Our quickest drying vanishing oil, this product is a light duty lubricant that evaporates within 15 to 30 minutes. Parts can be packaged soon after they come off the press.

Vanish 6912
Quick drying vanishing oil. Recommended for light to medium duty stamping, piercing, and blanking, this oil completely evaporates within 45 to 85 minutes.

Vanish 6916
Medium drying vanishing oil. This product is formulated with extra EP additives to accommodate slightly heavier jobs. Drying time is between 60 and 120 minutes.

Vanish 6922
Long drying vanishing oil. Our heaviest duty vanishing oil. This product is higher in EP additives, so it takes up to seven days drying time. Not recommended for use when packaging is to be done immediately after parts come off the press.