Water Soluble Oils

lamson water soluble oils

FormAll water soluble drawing compounds contain emulsifying agents that allow the oil to form a stable mixture with water. Lamson FormAll water soluble oils are divided into two categories, chlorine based lubricants and chlorine free lubricants. Both types of lubricants form a stable mixture with water.

Diluting with water reduces the cost and increases the cooling power far beyond that of a straight oil. Since these lubricants mix with water, cleanup of the parts and work area are much easier.

These oils were the first types of lubricants used in the stamping industry and are still widely used today. They are reliable and economical.
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Lamson Oil's new line of environmentally safe water soluble lubricants contain no chlorine or active sulfur. These oils are specially formulated to resist staining even in high humidity. In most cases parts can go straight to welding or annealing without pre-cleaning.
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