Chlorine Based Water Soluble Oils

Lamson Chlorine Based Water Soluble Oils

These oils are time proven products that have been in use since the 1940's. They are dependable, economical and the mainstay of water soluble formulas on the market today.

FormAll 2305
Regular duty water soluble. This standard light-to-medium duty oil can be applied with mixing ratios from 2:1 to 12:1, depending on the job. Ideal for blanking, piercing, punching, and stamping.

FormAll 2312
Medium duty water soluble. Contains more EP additives to handle medium-duty jobs. Excellent for heavy blanking and piercing as well as stamping and forming. Mixing ratios range from 2:1 up to 12:1.

FormAll 2325
Heavy duty water soluble. For the heaviest application (including deep drawing work). Contains large quantities of EP additives, but still maintains a stable emulsion that will not separate.